Capital Amaravathi

The New Capital of Andhra Pradesh is envisioned to be the pioneer Smart City of India. It aims to be World Class and at par with the standards set forth by countries such as Singapore based on the following smart city frameworks.
World Class Infrastructure:

  • 135 Km of Public Transport corridors by 2050
  • > 1,000 km of Road Network by 2050

Jobs & Homes for all:

  • 4.5 Million Resident Population by 2050
  • 1.8 Million Jobs by 2050

Green and Clean:

  • > 20% area reserved for Green and Blue
  • 30+ km Public River Waterfront

Quality Living:

  • Parks and Public Facilities within 5-10 minute walking distance

Efficient Resource Management:

  • Flood resistant City
  • Towards Net Zero Discharge

Identity and Heritage:

  • > 250km of Heritage and Tourism Network
  • using Roads, Metro and Waterways

With this intention, the Capital City Detailed Master Plan proposes 3 development phases catering to the city’s short, medium and long term requirements.


The new capital will be an economic powerhouse that will create a range of jobs for existing resident villagers by upgrading their skills, as well as provide high-tech and knowledge
based industry jobs to be globally competitive.
The capital city will be divided into nine cities each of which is dedicated to activities as governance, finance, tourism, knowledge, health, electronics, media, justice, and sports.


A new phase in Andhra Pradesh history began from October 3 with a full-fledged Secretariat functioning from new Capital Amaravathi. With the complete shifting of key departments, including finance, 33 departments, including Assembly, in the AP government, New secretariat complex has six administrative blocks. Out of these, one is for the Chief Minister, another for the Legislative building and remaining for the Secretariat departments and utilities.


To fulfill the immediate housing demand of employees, officials and the capital city people KALYANI TOWNSHIP Pvt. Ltd. planned an affordable housing development purposed and intended to provide housing for the middle class people, a mega housing colony near Capital Amaravathi.
KALYANI TOWNSHIP was incorporated in 2012. It has  a total turnover of 100+ crores and 3500+ customers of land and housing properties. The head office is Machilipatnam and 3 branch offices at Vijayawada, Eluru and Amaravathi.