APCRDA Approved

Gowtham towers is APCRDA Approved.The Building Permit order number is 19/2016/GNT. Building permissions for Stilt+G+4. Total 5 floors are approved. Stilt is for parking. G+4 are the flat floors. Total 65 flats are approved. 13 flats per each floor.

The following is the APCRDA BP no:19/2016/GNT Approval Letter

crda-approval-001 crda-layout-2-001 crda-layout-3

Mortgage Deed of Gotham towers: We need to mortgage 10% of built up area and site area to APCRDA.  This mortgage area flats are 7 flats mortgaged in second floor of Gowtham towers. They are registered at the end of the construction only.

1-001 1a-001 2-001 2a-001 3-001 3a-002 4-001 5-001 6-001 6a-001 7-001 8-001 9-001 10-001

Approved APCRDA car parking plan


Approved APCRDA site plan


Approved APCRDA floor planfloor-plan


1216sqft 2BHK flat for Rs25lakhs only and 1591sqft 2BHK flat for Rs33lakhs only.